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On this website you will find information about the products we distribute. These can be purchased as a pharmacist or pharmaceutical wholesaler with us. End customers will find the products in each German pharmacy.

One vision ahead

INKOSMIA provides Public Relation, Marketing, Logistics and Sales. INKOSMIA is a bridge head for foreign companies who are interested to enter the German pharmaceutical market. We import, stock, distribute and market all kind of products, which are intended to be sold in pharmacies.


We either supply direct the pharmacy or indirect via all subsidiaries of pharmaceutical wholesale traders. We support manufactures by reaching legal access of their products in Germany, promoting and advertising them.

We have access to all 22.000 German pharmacies within 3 to 24 hours daily.

We host already national and international re-known supplier companies who search a reliable partner in Germanys pharmaceutical market dealing with pharmacies and customers.


We cooperate with lawyers, experts, PR and advertising agencies and foreign manufacturers.

INKOSMIA tries hard to find the best, innovative and cost sensitive solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturers wish to enter the German market with their product range by using unconventional ways combined with traditional means of advertising and communication.

Some well known companies already distribute with us. When will you join?

One more thing

The clearness and ease of our website reflects our thinking and behaviour.

(Keep it simple - the world is complex enough)

inkosmia gmbh & cie. kg

Hohe Str. 21 ∣ 35576 Wetzlar

T: 06441 501666 ∣ F: 06441 501650 M: hello@inkosmia.com




lovesicknesspills  inkosmia‘s first successful market launch.

Our fair team

Our „fair-trademark“ sends thousands of visitors to our booth for a view cents.

When others spent lot of money to show their size, we find cost effective efforts to do so in a smart way.