About us

A warm welcome

At inkosmia, we welcome you and are pleased to introduce you to our comprehensive services for the distribution and branding of pharmaceutical products. We specialize in supporting manufacturers, pharmacists and pharmaceutical wholesalers alike, strengthening the success of the pharmacy through the distribution of innovative and unique products.

Innovation and success

Inkosmia brings a breath of fresh air to the German pharmaceutical market. We are always on the lookout for new products from other countries that are already successful in order to supplement the German pharmacy range and thus contribute to ensuring the long-term economic success of the pharmacy. We also provide start-ups with access to the German pharmaceutical market and are happy to assist with positioning, branding and pricing. Our vision is to offer our customers innovative international news from the healthcare sector and to bring products that we ourselves stand behind to the market in an unconventional way.

Bridge between manufacturer and pharmacy

Inkosmia forms a bridge between pharmaceutical companies and the German pharmacy market. We offer you comprehensive services such as marketing campaigns in the pharmaceutical market, access to our contract manufacturer network, listing and initial stocking of your products in the German pharmaceutical wholesale trade and a brand building network.

Groß (dps-17)

Clear values and principles of action


Our thinking and actions are as clear and simple as our website. We believe in the principle of “less is more” and strive to provide simple and effective solutions for our customers in a complex world. Discover how inkosmia can help you successfully market and position your pharmaceutical products.

Partner companies

You are also welcome to visit the website of our partner company, Dalheim Pharma Service GmbH, a logistics service provider specializing in the distribution of your pharmaceutical goods based in Central Hesse, at www.dps-wetzlar.de.


Inkosmia GmbH & Cie. KG is actively involved in regional and national social projects, which is one of the ways in which it fulfills its corporate social responsibility. The promotion of regional projects is particularly important to us, which is why we support the Round Table 86 Wetzlar service club and its motto “For children in and around Wetzlar”.


Sponsorship of the Wetzlar gastronomy quartet by the Dr. Schick brand

The proceeds from the quartet will be donated to projects and institutions that provide grief counseling for children and young people, for example.